Yogurt for Yeast Infections

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There are many ways of dealing with yeast problems naturally and using yogurt for yeast infections is just one of them. Here you will find out the facts about how to use this simple solution to help you to cope with Candida related issues.

Yogurt is an all natural food source that can be used internally or externally to treat a yeast infection condition. In fact, eating yogurt can help you naturally defend your body against Candida overgrowth.

natural yogurt for yeast infections

Using Natural Yogurt for Yeast Infections can Help

Yogurt for yeast infections is either eaten so that the digestive tract can be exposed to the natural bacteria in the product; this helps the digestive tract re-balance itself and diminishes the spread of Candida cells.

It can also be applied externally to certain areas of the body to fend off Candida overgrowth.

Yogurt for Yeast Infections: A Home Treatment for Men and Women

Women that get a vaginal infection caused by Candida often treat the condition successfully at home by using yogurt.

The yogurt for yeast infections must contain live bacteria identified as acidophilus; this bacterium helps to fight Candida and also simultaneously restores the balance of healthy bacteria in the body.

It is imperative that the yogurt selected contains the live bacteria so women seeking to use yogurt for yeast infections are encouraged to read the packaging of any yogurt that they buy; not every brand of yogurt contains the live bacteria as part of its ingredients.

What’s more, the yogurt that women choose should be of the unsweetened variety; sugars tend to feed Candida and encourage its growth.

If the female is consuming the yogurt for yeast infection treatments, no additional sugars should be added to the product. If however, a female requires a sweeter tasting yogurt to make the at home remedy more palatable, adding about a teaspoon of honey is recommended.

Honey Jar

Honey Can help Sweeten the Taste

Honey is also an all-natural product that has positive Candida fighting agents. Men and children can also use yogurt as an internal treatment for Candida related conditions.

The same rules apply; it should be non-sweetened yogurt containing live bacteria if it is to prove at all useful. It should be noted that it can take two or more days before any positive effects from consuming yogurt for yeast infections is noted.

Yogurt for Yeast Infections: A Special Treatment for Women


When the natural bacterial balance in the vaginal area is disrupted, either through bodily changes or through the use of certain medications, it is possible to develop a yeast infection.

The signs that a female has developed a yeast infection in the vaginal area can include, but are not limited to the formation of a white discharge, the development of an undesirable yeast-like odor in the vaginal area, itchiness, burning sensations, and vaginal irritation.

Women can treat vaginal yeast conditions by applying yogurt directly to the vaginal region too. The acidophilus in yogurt helps in reducing one’s pH levels in the vaginal region; higher pH levels and acidity are associated with the onset of yeast infections.

The most common method for dealing with the condition is to use a fresh tampon that has been dipped in the yogurt containing acidophilus; you will only need to use about a teaspoonful of the yogurt that you purchase for each application.

The tampon is then inserted into the vaginal canal and left in place for sixty minutes. If you have severely irritated skin in the vaginal area, you can also freeze the yogurt inside a sterilized rubber glove or plastic sleeve.

This can later be inserted when fully frozen to offer relieve to internal, inflamed vaginal tissues. If you choose this treatment option you will want to don on an unscented sanitary napkin too to keep the mess at a minimum during the treatment.

Some women eat the yogurt and use external applications simultaneously in order to derive the most benefit from the product’s use. Some researchers have discovered that consuming yogurt every single day helps to keep microflora in balance and yeast infections from forming in the first place.

Health Food Supplies and Alternatives

Food Supplements

Food Supplements


Yogurt for Yeast Infections and Alternatives

If you visit your local health food store you will find acidophilus supplements for sale.

If you do not care for yogurt and you want to forgo the messy vaginal applications associated with the use of yogurt for yeast infections, acidophilus supplements can be consumed in the form of a capsule on a daily basis.

This treatment method is best for those individuals that have difficulty digesting dairy products or that may be lactose intolerant.

If you choose to use the supplement you will need to read the packaging to determine the appropriate dosage and how to best consume the supplement that you purchase.

When thinking about using yogurt for yeast infections you have to keep in mind that the yogurt by itself probably will not solve a deep rooted problem you will most likely have to look for other cures for your yeast infection as well.


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